What will happen to a rainbow that lost it red spectrum?

Tomorrow is my neurology exam. When things are already hard, the news about Subaru leaving K8 appeared. Have been in denial ever since the rumor in Friday magazine came out and got the final breakdown when watching their press cons.

NEVER ONCE, never once I've attended their concert in my 8 years as a fan. 8 years! What an ironic number for my anniv as a fan receiving this kind of news. I've taken things for granted. I decided to watch them once I officially become a doctor but now it's too late. I will be doing my final exam for medicine this year but still I will never be able to watch the SEVEN OF EITO doing concert together. F*ck!!!!

This year, whatever happened, I'm going to Japan. I will never take things for granted anymore.

I still hope that K8 will somehow make it through and shine ever brighter idol-ly and musical-ly. And Subaru! You better do your best and make us proud too!

The lesson I take from all of this is we should do our best always and never do things half-heartedly.

Stay strong my fellow eighter. And please keep supporting them!

*cries and studies simultanously*

Just an Eighter come back to the Fandom

Dear my friends... It has been 5 years since my last post. Long story short, I got accepted in medical faculty which, y'know, kidnap me from pretty much my fandom life and social life too and yeah here I am. Back to the LJ.

I graduated like 1 month ago and becoming a co-asisstant in one of the biggest hospital in my country. Before, being a med stud already made me gave up my entire time for studying and playing around as uni student and managed to get a boyfriend too, entering hospital actually doubling the burden.

I don't know to whom do I talking actually, I don't know if my friend list still active here in LJ, hopefully still as an eighter or at the very last as a kind person I knew.

If you're still on, please let me know hehe. I got a lot to catch up about eito and very excited to know how've you been these past years!

from soon-to-be-a-much-more-responsible-doctor :)
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Green Snot

Aoppana. UWAAAH THE PV LOOKS SO FUUUUUUUUUN!!! GAHHH. A bit confused in the beach part why Yasu wear yellow clothes while Ryo wear a blue-ish one xD


Is it just me or the girl who served them drink really looks like Aragaki Yui?


But I watch it from HP so maybe it's not, but huwaa so similar Dx


And speaking bout my hp... I download the Short PV (22mb), takes me up to FOUR HOURS.


THE. f*ck.



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100-kai Naku Koto









There may be a kiss scene, right?? And Mirei had kiss Yoko before in 13 sai no hello work, so if there are any kiss scene in this movie... INDIRECT KISS YOKOKURA?!


Also, such a lucky girl she is to be paired with two eito guys... And!!! Waaaa so envious with her!!


L (҂ `з´ ).︻╦̵̵̿╤──—☆
\(˚☐˚'!l)/  Look forward to the movie TT^TT

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Yes Yoko is my bias, but!!! I really didn't expect him to win the 8sai games. Like... I thought It'll be either Yasu or Hina... Not complaining... but... just SHOCKED wowww


I followed the points info everyday, via online, and seeing him always in the middle position... but slowly... slowly and sneaky... sneaky-yama... and--TA DAAAAA!! He already topped the game *_____*


And I agree with the members... He may already plotted it since he planning the game... so cunning... scary T^T But I can't wait to see him centering an Eito PV >_< will it look like TWL? I feel that in TWL his appearence already so much enough...


what's with this rambling anyway xDDD




and can wait to see team sunshine smiley date!! Why... why so much great things happened in one time~


//exploded due too much happiness



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14th Internet Music Festival – Let’s help vote for EITO!





The Internet Music Festival (imusicfes) is an annual music competition in determining the most popular Japanese song on the internet. This year is the 14th year imusicfes is being held, with major names like Kobukuro, Ai Otsuka, ORANGE RANGE, and Utada Hikaru clinching the top rank in previous years. There are still some days until the voting is
closed, but Kanjani8 is way too far back for their greatness! And it seems noooothing spread in this fandom such as promotion or anything else, whereas we can see other fandom are already giving it a blast. So. You can see the rank here imusicfes.com/items/index/ . How's it? Lots group which fans already doing something already ahead (Kattun, HSJ, Yui)... So, let's shhow eito love and participate ne~


How to participate


1. http://imusicfes. com/?usr =e44 fc <–
click on this link, and look for Kanjani8 (whatever song is okay, but Tsubusa ni Koi currently the highest. Rank 25 in second page)
2. Vote (click on the large gray button next to it that says “投票する”)
3. You start with 10 points, so you can vote for eito10 times, giving them 10 points.


How to REALLY participate and win this.


1. Near the bottom of the page,
there’s a little section on the right with the twitter bird and a “tweet ” button.
Above that button there’s a text box, and iimusicfes.com/items/index/page:2 in that text box, there is a link that looks like this


http:// imusicfes.com/ (blabla)


That link is unique for EVERYONE
and each time someone accesses the voting site via your link, you will
receive one extra point for voting.
2. Copy that link.
3. Share it EVERYWHERE.
4. Most importantly, share your
personal link HERE. I will collate them so we eighters can...
5. Click on each other’s links!
6. Finally, check back the voting site
occasionally to use the points you
have collected to vote for Kanjani8.


If what I write here still not understandable, please google imusicfes and follow the instruction in other fandom (but still, vote eito ne \(^o^)/


credit: edited from yui-lover.com

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Alzhey Alzy Alzhie (1/2)

“I forgot my wallet again!”


Title: Alzhey Alzy Alzhie (1/2)

Pair: Kanjani/Yoko (especially Hina/Yoko)

Rate: PG-15

Genre: You choose

Summary: Yoko’s well-known with his forgetful behavior, his great plan and ideas; even sometimes it’s revealed that he sucks at writing. It’s normal, too normal to be true, but who knows it’s actually some symptoms lead to his ultimate fate...

p.s. It’s contain a lot of information about Alzheimer desease and brain attack. So, if you find some words those hard to understand, forgive me! I didn’t change any of the name of particular things, so, just find it in wiki?^^ Ah! Also! Italic words shows earlier timeline~



Collapse )

Change your userpic! Support now for the #34-24Hour Terebi!!

So, everyone... Our lovely epicwaters made a project in twibbon!

In support for NTV's 24Hour Television / Loves Saves the Earth 2011 「力(ちから)~ わたしは、たいせつなひとり」 (Strength - I am an important person)

In order to spread 24h terebi and show our support, we can place the +1 sign in our profile picture >> in twitter, facebook or even livejournal! So, if you've twitter, you can go directly to twibbon , and click "Show my support now!"

After that, just save the image and re-upload it in livejournal as your icon and we can support 24h terebi, at least. We can do it minna! Since we're the great eighters after all ;)

See the changes^^


p.s. Thanks for enshinge -chan for the info. If there's any problem, just let me know and I'll help. Hope we can see more people use this +1 mark soon >3<!!!!
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Yokoyama Yu Fanvid - This's my story

And don't know that this 'This's my story' thing is so easy to make~ So, since I love his evil role to dominate the world, here I present you this fanvid~!! It's so great so please try a look <3333

(and you can see all human in the world goes crazy for him, and somehow... Since this video narrated in english, it automatically subbed in Indonesian...)

(Click the picture, ne)

p.s. --> actually made months ago for super_color birthday, but I'm late to post it... ;______; Happy birthday to our dear su-chan and also~ yue_akuma ! I love you all~!!!!!!!